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Oh, it was so long when I wrote a Journal! So this will be a long one, and as always, sorry for my bad English! :D


No, I'm not the one, who made a Patreon! The one who made a Patreon is much more better! It's Jade! :iconjadedjynx:

If you want to support this awesome Artist then visit her Patreon!

If you don't know who :iconjadedjynx: is, I really recommend you to go and take a look at her awesome gallery:…

Her most mentionalble thing is her Comic Series the My Little Sterelis! It feature a band of Thiefs how somehow ended up in Equestria in Pony form. The members of the band are: Jade the human, Lene the Kangoroo Rat, Cynthia the Jack Rabbit, Daniel the Squirre, and Clarice the Black cat. (Note: They are originaly from a World, where both Humans, and Anthros live, and the last 4 members of the band are Anthros as well. :) ) But why am I trying to tell this to you! If you want to read their story, how can they manage to live in Equestria in pony form, read the comic here:…

Some of Jade's work:

Equestria Girl Jade by JaDeDJynXEquestria Girl Lene by JaDeDJynXGo Brazil!  by JaDeDJynX
I'll Kill you All! by JaDeDJynXIn the Shadow of her Glory by JaDeDJynXIn the Shadows by JaDeDJynX


Well, for me, who already working, summer became just a season for me. I still have this inner Happines, when summer came, because I got this feeling from my childhood, but it's not the same anymore. (Don't grow up!) But how is my summer so far?
Well... it's hard to tell, good and bad in both way. In both I mean in art, and in social life.

Social Life: At the begining of the Summer I was really depressed, as you could see in my previous journal. Well this feeling is still inside of me, but at least not that worse. But I fear from my future, because big things will come, and I really fear from that. There are things what I want to do, but I have a feeling that I can't on my own, but in the same time I feeling that I'm running out of time, so I can't even say that "I still have the chanse to do it/to learn it". It's really really frustrating, and I'm confused. I really would like to have 3 wishes.... But I can't be so selfish, because I know that others have problems too, and much more worser then my. It's just a bad feeling that you want to make what you makes happy and because of this others become happy as well, but you can't. There is a bar, a bar that can be open, but alone is really heavy, and I don't have people near me to help me lift this bar.

Art: As you could see, I haven't really did any show related comics nowdays, and I'm sorry for that, but summer became really stressed, and busy. Firtly because I feel that I'm suffering in an Art Block. Mostly because of this feeling that I can't draw, and because of this slow speed. It's frustrating. But I still did some drawing. I made an Art Trade, drawed some simple pony drawing, and in summer all my friends have Birthday! I wanted to draw them something. But as you could see, I'm even getting late giving the present to my friends.... And of course Contests. I entered in :iconestories:'s Rainbow Power Contest. I entered with 2 picture: With my OC, and with Lene, yeah that Lene, from the My little Sterelis, and I couldn't belive, but I won with Lene! I mean I became 6. from the Final 6, but I can't be disappointed! I mean I got into the Finals, with ONLY 1 VOTE! I think mostly because of you, who knew me, and because of Lene, because she really became a loved character in the fandom. :) So thank you for the support!


And we reached to the Feature Part. I couldn't really belived it when I realised that I'm in the finals in the Rainbow Power contest, because of that 1 vote. I mean, I remembered it was on Sunday. Sunday in the Morning I was working, I haven't slept in the evening. Right before I went to sleep about 10-11. A.M, I saw that poll started and my entry was in this poll. When I saw the others drawing I was like: Impossible, It can't be that I could reach the second place. I went to sleep, I woke up about 19-20 (7-8 P.M.), I went up to DA again, I looked at the poll, and I was Second! I couldn't belive it, true with only 5 voted, what became 1 when the poll ended, so I was really nervous until the end but Lene did it! :)

In the other hand I feel really sorry for :iconsylvaur:, because he drawed a really awesome Rainbow Powered Celestia, I think he really deserved to be in the Finals as well. And not reaching it with 1 ridiculous vote... So I thought, I mean, the least what I could do for him to feature him, because he deserve it. :) He is a really awesome Artist, and he does not just MLP, but Pokemon drawing as well! Go visit his page, and if you like his drawing go and follow him! Here are some of his drawing:

R-Power Celestia -Contest- (w/ speedpaint now!) by Sylvaur
Meet Sylvaur by SylvaurImagination + speedpaint by Sylvaur

And that's so much for today! See you soon! :)

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